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Sunday, May 4, 2008

15 Years Of Blood, Sweat, And Tears!

Bill and I met one another on May 4, 1993. Today we celebrated 15 years of being together! I love him so much and am so grateful for the love we share with each other. We have had tons of ups and tons of downs but I wouldn't want anyone else to be riding life's rapids with then my faithful and loyal companion. I love you so much honey! Here is a photo montage of the last 15 years.
Just in case you can't read the tiny writing here's a description of each picture.

  1. This is us on our first official date. It was to a girl's choice dance less then 2 weeks after meeting each other. Bill had already proposed to me and we totally knew we were going to get married even though I was only 17 and he was 18. We knew we had 3 years of waiting ahead of us but hey, we were smitten with one another and couldn't be reasoned with!
  2. I dated and waited for Bill while he was on his LDS mission to the Birmingham England Mission. While he was on his mission I decided to go to BYU-Hawaii. After he returned he was able to come out to Hawaii to be with me. We became officially engaged in Laie Hawaii in April of 1996. It was amazing to be with him and know that I really was going to be with him forever. No more long good-byes!
  3. June 19, 1996 Bill and I became husband and wife for all of eternity in the Logan Utah Temple. It was the most amazing day! This is my most favorite picture because we weren't actually posing for this one, we were actually done with pictures. But the photographer saw this tender moment of us and captured it for us. Bill is actually saying to me, "Can you believe it, were married!" I am gazing up into his face and tears are falling from each of our eyes! We were so very happy!
  4. After 9 years of infertility Bill and I were overjoyed to FINALLY add a child to our union! Liam is 1 in this picture and I love this picture! We had the camera set on a timer on a tripod and as we were getting ready to take the shot, Bill noticed something in the water and pointed it out to me and Liam. Bill and I are truly best friends and we love sharing everything with each other. I love how this special moment was captured spontaneously!
  5. This is the most recently family picture of us as a family. I can't wait to see what the next 15 years hold for us. Thank you Bill for sharing your heart, mind, spirit, and life with me. I love you and thank you for stubbornly holding onto me even when I get scared and want to run away! Thank you for NEVER giving up on me even when I have given up on myself. I love you, thank you for your love and support!! I love you so much, thank you!


Joanna said...

Hi Moana

I have decided to come out of lurkdom and say hi to you and your lovely may or not remember me - probably not, but you never know lol! I was Joanna Stone from Templeview - I know our families were in the student ward together, and also that your Mum was related to my sister's husband, Wayne Brown. I seem to remember your brother Kawiti and my nephew Maihi were named after a common ancestor, Maihi Kawiti. How random is that for me to remember??!! I also remember you as the cute little girl in the big family of boys, and your lovely curls and glasses! Wow looks like your Mum and Dad took care of the not many girls thing lol!!

Anyway, I saw you and your family on Bebo (you know how one person leads to another and so on and so on...) and then your blog from Bebo, and have been reading it for a while now, feeling horrible for not just leaving a comment and saying hi, but I'm here now!

I have loved your blog - your ups and downs, your story of motherhood, and your love of the's so great to read :)

I married a man from UT and we lived there for 7 years - never knew your family was so close! The kids and I are coming back for 6 weeks in the summer (have been in New Hampshire for a couple of years now) and staying with my hubby's family - we'll be between SLC and American Fork. I can't wait - so many friends to see and places to go!

So now that I have written a novel I'll sign off, and feel better now that I'm officially un-lurked :) Feel free to lurk all you want on my blog ;-)

Rachel said...

15 years! You guys are...OLD! Jk. :) That is so sweet, you guys are such a cute, fun, happy couple! And you have both been through so guys are powerhouses!!! Love you tons!

Anonymous said...

How sweet, isn't it amazing how fast that time can go? I cannot believe you met so young. :) Adorable page. Love ya

Jackie Clines said...

Hi Moana! This was a really sweet post and I enjoyed reading it. You and Bill are such a fun couple, and it's nice to learn a little bit about your history. We owe so much to our wonderful husbands! Thanks also for checking out my blog! I enjoy reading your comments.