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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feeling The Burn...(or something like that!)

Liam has been watching me work out and so when I wasn't looking he got out my exercise mat and some hand weights. He was so funny trying to lift these 2 pound weights! He resorted to keeping his hands stationary and then lifting his legs! He had Bill and I laughing so hard!! I have to confess that when I started weight training my form wasn't that far from Liam's!! But thanks to this website, I have gotten better and am loving my free weight training sessions now. I am grateful for the reminder that I have someone very special looking up to me. He is watching his mommy become healthier and I hope that translates to him the importance of being health in all aspects of his life. Love you Liam Boy!


The Holcombs said...

That is so cute! Goes to show they watch everything we do and will pick up on our good habits as well as our bad ones. How fun! I think that is seriously a hilarious thing, so glad you got in on video!

Samantha said...

ADORABLE!! What a good example you are to him (and all of us!!)