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Monday, June 9, 2008

Liam's Third Birthday

Liam asked for a "tractor birthday cake" and I found this recipe for an easy backhoe birthday cake. We had so many left overs from the first cake that Bill decided to create a second birthday cake for Liam. Bill made a trackhoe. He is amazing, he created it from his imagination. Liam LOVED having not only one tractor cake but two!

We were able to capture some great video footage of Liam on his birthday, you can check it out here.

Liam's third birthday was filled with two birthday cakes, balloons, going out to lunch with mom and dad to "Costa Vida" and getting his first trike.

It was a great day, thank you all for your birthday wishes!


Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Liam! My how the time flies. Seems just like last week we found out that you were expecting. He is such an adorable little man. Love the cakes! You did a great job.

Heiner Family Blog said...

Those are awesome cakes, so creative and talented! I bet Liam really appreciated them and will always remember what cool parents he has because they made a cake just like he wanted!

Murdoch Clan said...

Wow, what a birthday Moana! Liam must have been in heaven with those awesome cakes! Wow you never cease to amaze me sister, it's great to see the pics of his special day, I feel like in a way I was there to see what went on, and how it was decorated! Love you sissy, I love your blog you're amazing! Love little sissy Laura Eb

Tiscia said...

What awesome cakes! They make my sad attempt at a cake for Nathan's birthday look so armature in comparison. What a fun birthday!

Xela said...

Those cakes are amazing, easy cake recipes are you kidding me.....? What a great job!