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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having A Case Of Fried Brain Syndrome

One of the wonders of a summer college course is that they can actually take fifteen weeks of material and cram it into only four weeks. I endure three hours a day of lecture time and then retreat to the library to do lots and lots of reading, writing, and test preparations the rest of the day.

Hooray, I have come down to the final two days and yet I am experiencing an intense case of "Fried Brain Syndrome." The symptoms are that your brain feels stiff and sore and you cant possible stuff anymore information into it. Its like my brain has undergone a revolt of its own accord and refuses to cooperate. I have tried to coax it to cooperation in the past 24 hours by taking it to a movie, going to bed early and even blogging and facebooking for atleast an hour and yet can I get any cooperation?? NO!

This is what my brain feels like right now with all of the information overload it has endured the past four weeks!

My Brain has insisted that I should continue blogging and facebooking just a little bit longer and read a fun book instead of my textbook and then maybe, just maybe it will realign with my requests and assist me with the avalanche of homework I have waiting for me. Wish me luck folks as I work the kinks out of my "Fried Brian Syndrome" and get the course work I have to finish in the next 24 hours.

PS Liam had a fabulous Birthday Thank You all for your wishes, I will post pictures later when I have more time to do them justice.


WILLFULL said...

I believe you will do awesome! It will be over soon. You are an amazing student and I have confidence in your abilities to master this class. I wish you luck on your marathon of studying. Liam and I love you!

Courtney said...

I know how you feel and I don't miss that feeling. You can do it. I know you can. I am amazed that you have the self control to realize your brain needs a break. I would super stress and try and force my brain. Then I would get no where. You are doing great. Keep it up.

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday Mr. Liam! Glad to hear he had a good day! Way to go on your summer courses! Is 4 weeks already over? It was good to see you guys at Essies wedding! You looked so good! Did you take a pic of Pono and I? I was thinking that you did but didn't know if one turned out or not...let me know what you get a chance OK Love ya, Michelle

Murdoch Clan said...

Hang in there sis! You're amazing! I love that you give yourself an outlet and do blogging, and facebook because I was shocked to see all of your posts from such a busy season in your life! So glad that I get to see your updates in your life, you're nearly through will school! Kia kaha! Then you can enjoy the rest of your summer! Love you sis, Laura