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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Warning: This post contains photos that may make your stomach queasy, please proceed with caution.

Two weeks ago, as Liam was stepping off of our new elliptical machine he fell and did this to his arm:

This is what it looked like from the inside before the arm was set:

Liam initially was in shock and was worried that he was going to be in HUGE trouble with his mommy. He was also worried that his arm would never work again and that the doctor would be mad at him. Once we told him it was an accident and that he wasn't in trouble he calmed down. It was obvious that his arm was broken and so we immediately rushed him to the hospital. He was very calm and listened to the nurses, doctors, and radiologists as they worked hard to fix his arm.

The hardest part was that Liam had just eaten a HUGE meal before he fell and the Doctors were concerned that if they put him down completely that he would asphyxiate on his potential vomit. They waited for two hours for his food to digest and gave him a mild sedative. Sadly he screamed and flayed as two doctors and an assistant and two nurses worked hard to set his arm. Bill and I were in the room trying to hold his legs down and comfort him. He couldn't see me and he kept howling for his mommy. It was SOOOOO hard I kept calling his name and rubbing his legs to try and comfort him. I would never wish for any parent to have to watch their child endure such pain, I wished I could have gone through it for him. However, when it was all over and he could see my face he instantly stopped crying and he thanked the medical staff for fixing his arm. He has been running and playing like nothing happened.

He has been a real trooper! He has been wearing a splint as the Orthopedic surgeon has been monitoring his arm and the swelling. I am relieved that tomorrow morning we will be able to have his arm put into a cast. It has been hard reminding a nearly five year old that he isn't indestructible and that his arm is still broken. He has hardly let his arm slow him down and I will be relieved when it is protected by the hard cast. I never ever want to endure hearing him have his arm set ever again! Yikes!!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, that is the saddest thing ever, for ALL of you!!! Poor little buddy, I hope he got a cool color cast at the very least!

Cami Sue said...

Wow! That brought tears to my eyes. What a brave guy but what a brave mom too. It's hard to hear and watch them in pain and knowing that the doctors can and are doing more to fix it than we can. That looks like a horrible break. Ouch!

Chelsa Dimond said...

Ouch, that looks so painful! He is a tough boy to go through that and still thank the doctors for fixing it! I agree, it is so hard to watch your kids go through pain.