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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ray's of Sonshine

The warmth of the morning light streams through the partially opened blinds as I feel you shift to conform to my body's position against my knee pillow. My eyes slowly begin to open as the light streams through the opened window. I gently rub my belly where I can feel you stirring. You quickly thump my belly with a responding kick. I smile as we have this special moment together. I begin speaking out loud to you, asking you silly things like, "How was your sleep, did you have pleasant dreams? What have you got planned today? Will you be growing eyebrows or eyelashes on your agenda for the day?" After each question you firmly respond with a stream of spiraling twirls and kicks. Your daddy rolls over and peaks through sleep laden eyes at me and smiles when he realizes that I am having my customary morning conversation with you. He gently rubs my belly and murmurs, "I love you three (meaning he loves me, you and Liam). He then lazily rolls over and quickly falls back into a deep sleep. I continue speaking to you about your older brother and your daddy and you again thump me with a scissor kick as you respond to my voice. My heart swells with pride that you are so strong and responsive. I curl up into the fetal position so that I can hug you closer to my chest and we remain this way as the sun continues to stream into the room. My shoulders begin to feel the warmth of the morning sun and I feel warm and fuzzy all over. I lazily lay there basking in the warmth of the morning suns warming rays as you continue to kick and twirl inside my belly. I lovingly rub you and sing to you my favorite song, the chorus of, "You are my sunshine." My auntie Vicky taught me this song as we would travel great distances while I was a girl living in New Zealand. This is your oldest brothers favorite song and I have lovingly called him my sunshine since he was a fetus much like you. Just in case you are concerned--He is completely aware that he will be sharing the title of his mothers sunshine with you. Its actually a play on words because I affectionately call you both my, "Ray of Sonshines." Your fast movement begins to slow and you are lulled into stillness. I believe you have worn yourself out with all of your frantic kicking and movement and you are now quietly settling down into a deep sleep. I lay back on my pillows and I lovingly rub your daddy's back as I have this moment of stillness to myself. I contemplate and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for the love that surrounds me much like the warmth of the morning sunlight that is streaming through my open bedroom window. My life is good and I am grateful for the people in my life that bring me joy and love. My heart swells with warmth as my shoulders lightly bask in the glow of the morning sun. I breathe a sigh of contentment as I am lulled into sleep by the warmth and love that surrounds me. The last thought in my mind before the darkness of sleep overtakes me is, " I am truly blessed with the ray's sonshine that surrounds me!"