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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Small Set-Back

On Saturday, Bill and I went and had a sneak peek at our new place. We were given a warning that the cleaners had not been through the apartment yet. We were however shocked at the condition of our apartment. It felt grimy and dirty. It was really hard for me to imagine myself living there let alone where I would be placing my furniture. On Monday morning we received a call that if we would like the walls painted we could have them done but that we would have to push our move in date back a few days. We jumped at the chance to have clean sparkling walls and we have been bidding our time while we wait two extra days for our new place to be made ready for us. I am actually relieved because I was dreading the prospects of living in an apartment that had grimy hand prints and residue everywhere. Our lives are slowly getting packed into boxes and we are filling claustrophobic with all of the boxes littering every available space. The walls feel bare and the rooms are echoing as we have removed all of the decorations from the walls. Its feeling less like home and more like a holding cell as we get more and more excited to move and settle into our new place with clean newly painted walls!