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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Update Of The Past 6 Months

Here is a photo bomb of some of the things we have been doing for the past 6 months.

December: We celebrated Bill's 37th birthday. While Bill slept in, Liam and I decorated the house with balloons, streamers, and crepe paper. I made my honey some yummy heart-shaped birthday cake pancakes with sprinkles. I also made Bill a lemon cake.  We had a relaxing day celebrating our daddy's birthday. It was a great day!
Christmas was a memorable one for us this year. Three days before Christmas we had a special miracle happen to our family. The nearby singles ward purchased gifts for our family and delivered them. Liam was surprised to open the door to find Santa, Mrs. Claus and several elves at the door with bags filled with presents. We were so touched and grateful for their generosity! We also enjoyed creating graham cracker houses, reading a new book everyday and enjoying all the wonderful traditions that we are creating for our little family.
January: Bill and Liam always make my birthday special! Bill baked and decorated an amazing lemon cake, they decorated the house with lots of fun decorations, and we had a great day. Bill and I were also able to go out on a date, the best birthday gift ever!!

February: We had a great Valentine's day! We made a humongous breakfast for dinner, build a massive bed in the living room and watched lots of free movies from the Library. It was a great way to celebrate the love we have in our lives. We also turned out all the lights and played what we called, "Shot to the heart." We whipped out our nerf guns and had fun screaming through the house shooting each other with "cupids" arrows.

March: I think I went a wee bit crazy for St. Pats day this year!! We had such a great and memorable day! We made rainbow colored pancakes for breakfast, created a traditional Irish meal for lunch, and had tons of fun playing leprechaun tricks and creating traps to try and trap the sneaky little gold thieves. We made two types of cupcakes that were more fun to make than to eat and we celebrated all that we are lucky to have. It was a truly fun and memorable day! I also have to say that my boys sure are cute little leprechauns, don't you think?!

April: Easter was a fun day as well. We were able to go Easter egg hunting, dyed our own eggs with Kool-Aid, and made yummy birds nests for family and friends. We had a great Easters meal and we thought and discussed the Plan of Salvation. We also read several of our favorite Easter books.
May: My boys always make Mother's Day amazing for me as well. Bill makes the day so special from making breakfast for me to having a super yummy dinner. He and the boys write letters sharing with me their love and we have a great and relaxing time enjoying and basking in one anothers company. I am one lucky lady! I have two gorgeous children that I love with my whole heart and a loving and amazing husband! I am truly blessed!

June: This was Liam's first friend birthday party and it was amazing!! We created a great Lego Birthday bash complete with a homemade Lego pinata, huge lego cake, lego candies, and TONS of fun games and prizes. We actually had all of our Fullmer cousins come over after our friend party and we had a lego pool party with them. It was a long and exhausting day and yet we had tons of fun. Bill helped me with everything, seriously! EVERYTHING!! It was so much fun and I am reminding yet again of what a great team we make!

The past 6 months have been filled with many memories. We have had a lots of fun and are grateful for our kiddos. They make our life so wonderful and enriching. 


Jana Perkins said...

How Fun! I love all the cure deco and activities. Liams birthday looked great, and I love the little leprachans!