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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Crazy Adventures Into the Land of Yucky!

My mom and my sisters Esther, Laura and Laura's three girls Aaliyah, Kayla, and Camiley came down to Logan from Idaho on Thursday afternoon. When they set out the roads were slightly wet from the rain and they felt confident about traveling. Well while they were out finishing their Christmas shopping it began to snow. Not just a little snow, oh no, this was SNOW!! Wet slushy hard to see and control your vehicle SNOW! So we made the decision that they should stay the night with us to wait out the storm. In the middle of the night Liam woke up coughing and dry heaving, while I was in his room trying to help him breath and calm down, my niece Camiley woke up screaming and pulling on her ears. She then began vomiting up mucus. Just that morning I had read about how to tell if your child has a sinus infection. From what I had read I determined that they both were suffering from sinusitis. My sister and I looked at each other like, WHAT, how could that be!! But it was true, both Liam and Camiley are sick with a sinus infection. My family was able to leave early this morning so that Laura could take Camiley into her doctor before the Christmas break begins. We also took Liam in to see his pediatrician. Dr. Huff confirmed my suspicions that Liam does have a sinus infection that is causing him to have croup. So he was given a steroid to help with the croup and antibiotics to help with the sinus infection.

Little did my family know what kind of adventure they were setting out on yesterday!! The weather was crazy, Liam and Camiley got sick and our family had to stay the night at our house! By the way I just have to add that it really is someone elses turn to have a sinus infection because between Liam and I, I think we have had more then enough turns being sick in the last 2 months!!! So here we go again, sick with sinus infections!!!AGHHHH....I thought we had put that behind us! Guess not!


Jana Perkins said...

I'm so sorry Moana. Watching your little one be sick is so hard, espcially around Christmas when you want them to enjoy themselves. I hope sickness will flee from your house very soon.