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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Personal Narrative

I am enjoying all of my classes right now but I am finding the most personal satisfaction in my English 1010 class. Initially I was terrified to take this class because I was afraid that the majority of my classmates would be way ahead of me and that I would have to struggle to keep up. I also had some bad experiences in High School that made me feel apprehensive about English as a general rule.

However, I am enjoying my class so much! My instructor is AMAZING, she has a true gift and passion for teaching English. I am very blessed to be in her particular class. I feel like she "gets" and understands me. I have struggled with teachers in the past that have not liked or understood my particular writing style. 

My current teacher has really taught me a lot about how to better stylize my papers and to not be afraid of taking risks. So with my current assignment I have created a metaphor of a clock ticking and how it represents the "strikes" I internally give myself. I am so critical of myself and I have created a list inside my head of all of the strikes I have against me. Such as my age, I have no direction, my ethnicity , etc. All strikes against me as I struggle to fit in with those around me. This is not what I originally wanted to expose about myself and yet, my teacher told me that she wanted me to take a risk. I showed her want I originally had written and she was extremely kind and helpful but helped me to see that I needed to tell the "real" story. I feel so vulnerable as I explore and evaluate my feelings and thoughts. I am however pleasantly surprised with what I have written thus far. I am grateful for the gentle nudge of my English teacher!


Murdoch Clan said...

Sissy you and I both are hard on ourselves. You've always had a gift with writing and I'm glad to see that you're teacher is able to help nudge in the right direction to see which direction your gift may grow. Would love to hear or see the finished product of your English paper, bet it's awesome! Love you and miss you heaps! Laura Eb

Jana Perkins said...

This is why I LOVE to write. I don't let anybody read my writings and stories, but you find our so much about yourself when you write. It doesn't matter what topic you write about, something personal always shows up in writing. I love it. I'm glad you are enjoying it and have found a great mentor.

Rachel said...

That is so neat that you are having this opportunity to learn and grow so much! I love that you are just eating it all up!!

Anonymous said...

That is hard to take on English classes at college level. I always needed extra help from teachers and friends. It will be fun to see how you improve and grow over the remainder of the semester. Good luck and enjoy the process.

Michelle said...

I bet your papers are awesome! You are so good at expressing yourself and writing. I am envious of that ability! I so glad you have this opportunity. Take care!