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Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 years and 7 months

For two day, we had a seven year old and a seven month old. Liam turned seven this year and Kennan was seven months old for two whole days before we had a seven year old and an 8 month old. Despite our boys 6 1/2 years gap, they are really close to each other. Liam is a mother hen and is constantly taking care of Kennan. Much to Kennan's consternation! However, Liam is the first person that Kennan looks for every morning and he affectionately calls, "La, La" throughout the house looking for Liam. Once he finds La La Liam, he breaks out into a huge grin and squeals in delight. Kennan also loves to be held and carried by Liam. He knows that Liam is going to take him on an adventure and he loves to be his brothers companion. Liam for his part is forever concerned about Kennan and ensures that he is safe and can't fall or have things fall on him. He has been overheard lecturing Kennan, "Don't do that again OK, that scared me!" And he is brave enough to put his fingers into Kennan's mouth to retrieve things that Kennan should not be eating--lint, small toys, food off of the floor. Liam usually gets a sharp bite on the finger for his efforts but his concern for his brother out weights all of this. Liam and Kennan love each other and are such great friends to one another. I am grateful that despite their huge age difference that they are close buddies despite it all.